A Soul’s Praise to Her Creator

A Soul’s Praise to Her Creator

by Eija Paatero

When there was no hope
You saved me
When I could not forgive myself
You forgave me
When I was angry at you or feared you
You stripped me of those lies
When I was thinking about the futility of my life
You blew those thoughts away
When I missed a partner by my side
You showed me the treasures of my soul

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Secret of the Himalayas

Secret of the Himalayas

By Carol Brenner

High in the Himalayas hidden from false eyes
Upon the peaks where glistens the brilliance of the sun
A Master and his Chelas form a circle, meditating on the One

Unknown to the masses, impervious to the cold
This band of brothers have no need for comforts of home
Generated from within both heat and light enfold
A shining shield—Look! Behold

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A Gopi’s Lament

A Gopi’s Lament

By Carol Brenner

I peeked inside my heart today
Was Krishna hiding there?
I wasn’t sure I’d find Him
(Not that He doesn’t care)
He plays hide and seek with me
I’m not sure where He goes
But when He’s gone a shadow falls
And then I feel alone

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The Choice

The Choice

by Craig Nicholson

“We surely have the right to choose
A precious gift from God above …”
But what if that choice is for someone else?
What if they are inside of you?
Maybe a tough choice!

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