A Soul’s Praise to Her Creator

Apr 20, 2022 | Poetry

by Eija Paatero

When there was no hope

    You saved me

When I could not forgive myself

    You forgave me

When I was angry at you or feared you

    You stripped me of those lies

When I was thinking about the futility of my life

   You blew those thoughts away

When I missed a partner by my side

   You showed me the treasures of my soul

When I wanted to abandon my friends

   You led me back to them

When I was ashamed of my actions and words

   You taught me to laugh

When I was going to speak ill of others

   You showed me their splendor                                                                

When I was walking happily along the country road

    You rejoiced with me

When I dared to look at you

    You received me

When I whispered asking for your help

    You sent me Your angels

When I wanted to shape myself to be Your servant

    You helped me

You’ll guide my steps

    If I listen to You

You’ll show me the way

    On which I am able to walk

You’ll give me a spouse

    That is good for me

Of all your treasures, I ask for a piece of

    The kingdom of heaven

    To my own heart        

I ask for the fire of love

    That burns the murky waters

I ask for the flame of wisdom

    That reveals the truth

I ask for the sword of power

    That I might endure

When I receive these from You

    I will be rich

For love is in the heart of God

Wisdom on the lips of God

Power in the hands of God

    I AM in your heart

    I AM in your words

    I AM in your deed     

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  1. mrshfuentes


    Very inspirational with beautiful flow and it touches the heart. Thank you for sharing.



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