Secret of the Himalayas

Apr 2, 2022 | Poetry

By Carol Brenner

High in the Himalayas hidden from false eyes
Upon the peaks where glistens the brilliance of the sun
A Master and his Chelas form a circle, meditating on the One

Unknown to the masses, impervious to the cold
This band of brothers have no need for comforts of home
Generated from within both heat and light enfold
A shining shield—Look! Behold

Shakyamuni Buddha, Guru Rinpoche
Maitreya, Avalokitesvara here on Earth to stay
Shining light for others—Truth, Reality, the Way

Their tone is in the ethers, vibration in the air
Upon the rock they’ve left their mark—follow if you dare!

Young and old in monasteries hold the flame for all
Hear the horns, gongs, drums and bells shatter human pall

Ancient Tibetan Buddhist chants hold shadows far away
From early dawn to darkened hour monks meditate and pray
For all on Earth—the path of discipleship is their way

Himalayan peaks call me like a Mother calls her own
Back down the mountain I cannot go though I climb alone

Darjeeling mists surround me, the precipice is near
Helping hands reach out—let go of human fear!

His heart a brilliant diamond of penetrating blue
I’ll follow in his footsteps, I know he’ll see me through

I’ll find my oneness in his heart the master residing there
Hold fast, have courage—goodwill is everywhere


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  2. Avatar

    Normally, not a big fan of poetry unless it be someone like Tennyson. But this was well done. Very nice Carol. Is there room for Tiger’s Nest in there. Wm


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