A Gopi’s Lament

Apr 2, 2022 | Poetry

By Carol Brenner

I peeked inside my heart today
Was Krishna hiding there?
I wasn’t sure I’d find Him
(Not that He doesn’t care)
He plays hide and seek with me
I’m not sure where He goes
But when He’s gone a shadow falls
And then I feel alone

The woes they come, the woes they go
Yet Krishna always hears
And when He seems far from me
I call his name to banish doubt and fear

The ride’s not always smooth you know
But somehow make it through
It’s like a roller coaster’s ups and downs
Fast and slow through black tunnels too
Rushing through the air I feel
Free and oh so light
Until I’m speeding down the track
A tunnel dark as night!

Now it’s over—
Laughing at the fear I felt I’m ready to ride again
Knowing Krishna hears my call I’ll keep seeking Him
High above the din

I seek sweet notes of His flute
He plays with dancing eyes
The gentle touch of His strong arm
This must be paradise!


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