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Feb 18, 2022 | Inspiration

Choosing a higher path of service.

by Heidi Fuentes

We start a new year with new resolutions and hopes to be better and to achieve our goals.  Building on this, we must also take some time to think how we want to continue on the spiritual growth we started last year.  In my last article, “The Higher You”, we explored the three steps to connect to our Higher Self and how “service” is important.  Service to others becomes a means to self-discovery, finding our life reason, our dharma[i].  In our path of initiation, we are now getting ready for the tests that 2022 brings and looking at how service could be one of our goalposts in our road towards advancement.  This article is the preview of what we should aspire to do and an answer to that important question we ask ourselves: how do we serve the ascended masters and our brothers and sisters in the path?  

In a lecture given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the path of service in January 25, 1976 – “Apostles all: Your Place in Apostolic Succession”, she presented that one of our missions in this life is to take on the role of apostles for Christ to serve.[ii]  Not as scribes, not as Pharisees but to serve as the ones send forth to share the teachings of the ascended masters on how to free the soul and do as Jesus did.[iii]  This mission may sound a little bit intimidating at first and the first thought in our mind is “I cannot do this, I do not know how, I am not ready.”  This is because in our current state of consciousness we focus on our limitations and do not have full awareness of our divine potential, but it is doable if we have the will to try by tapping into our talents.  As we walk the path of initiation with the ascended masters, we will discover how to use the gifts bestowed upon us and share them with the world.

When we bond with the masters, we establish a relationship where they are always there for us guiding, supporting, cheering and helping us at all times.  The ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood are spiritual teachers of mankind who, through Christ and the putting on of that Mind which was in Christ Jesus,[iv] have mastered time and space and in the process gained the mastery of the self.[v] 

What does it mean to be an apostle?

The word apostle comes from the Greek apostolos, which literally means “messenger,” from apostellein “to send away”. One who is sent forth: a messenger; one sent on a mission.[vi]  This ambassador for Christ, like the original twelve, must be endued with the power from on high to be able to receive the Holy Ghost and then be able to spread the good news: that there is a path in which we all can bond with our Higher Self to reach the goal of the ascension into the Light.   

Getting ready

We can strive for apostleship while we move forward in our path of initiation, which is a higher level of service, consistent with our aim to grow spiritually.  For this we need to get ready and make ourselves worthy by “cleaning our temple.”[vii] Therefore we must pursue diligently all the tools available to get our body, mind and soul free from negativity, bad habits and bad karma[viii].  We can do this by using the science of the spoken word[ix], meditating, doing service, resolving our psychology, mastering our four lower bodies[x], and by following the teachings and lives of masters such as Jesus the Christ, Gautama Buddha, Zarathustra or apostle Paul.[xi]  We must remember the promise that the day of Pentecost comes to all who are ready, that this gift of the Holy Spirit is available to all.

We must also wait for the Lord in humility and forsake ambition and pride in our daily life.[xii]  We must acknowledge our shortcomings, recognizing that without the power of the One Source we cannot move forward; that we wait for His blessing with self-sacrifice, love, and obedience.  Remember that while pursuing becoming one with our Higher Self we need to make all the right choices in the crossroad of spiritual growth.  Thus, we need to be committed to passing the tests that come along the way.

The question: Why doesn’t God give to us wholeness before he puts us through life’s tests and initiations?

Mrs. Prophet explained why.

“Because He does not want us to be satisfied withing ourselves, [to become complacent]. He wants us to turn to the person on the right and the person on the left and say in all humility, ‘I need you. I can’t live without you.  I can’t fulfill my mission without the God that is in you.  Friend, brother, sister, pilgrim on life’s journey, I need you. Help me.’ How difficult it is for many to say this.”[xiii]

Hence, it is through the need of giving and receiving love that we are compelled to work together as one.[xiv]

How do we do service?

Service is a very lofty labor in the path of initiation.  If we think about it, we may discover that we have already started with “baby steps” and are fully engaged in service.  I can think of a few ladies I have met along the way that are doing wonderful service work that puts them in the run for readiness, three beautiful souls sharing their talents.

The first one is a musician and harp therapist that works with several different adult populations providing therapies and has opportunities to introduce ascended master concepts in the process.  The second one is a retired teacher in Denmark that with her husband have a publishing company which has licensed and translated into Danish eighteen titles of the ascended masters’ teachings from Summit University Press and gives lectures of these teachings via Zoom®.  The third one is a passionate health advocate, that promotes regeneration of living cells by hydrating with living water and structuring using sacred geometry.  She is involved in outreach lectures and the spreading of the teachings using social media. 

These are only three examples out of the many souls on earth that are actively working in realizing their Higher Selves, patiently, diligently, and fervently.  This is the divine destiny of all of us. 

What is the promise?

The promise is that when we are spiritually ready, we may receive the blessing of one, some or all the gifts of the Holy Spirit to become apostles of the higher teachings.  Therefore, we must be mindful that as we pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we focus first on the path that leads to preparedness to receive these gifts.  Lastly Mrs. Prophet also reminds us that while we pray, we should ask for understanding of the sacred scripture and for grace.[xv]

What are the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit?[xvi]

  1. Utterance of wisdom – understanding the planes of the spirit
  2. Utterance of knowledge – understanding matter
  3. Faith
  4. Healing
  5. Miracles
  6. Prophecy
  7. Discernment of spirits
  8. Diverse kind of tongues
  9. Interpretation of tongues

What is the gift of grace?

Grace is another a gift. In her lecture Mrs. Prophet also describes what it means to receive grace:

“Grace is the intangible quality that works miracles every day in our lives. … is the movement of God among the members of God.  Grace is the joy, the living, the thanksgiving.  It is the appreciation of love.  It is the sudden manifestation in our lives of something that is a gift of God, the unexpected, or an achievement that we thought we ourselves were incapable of achieving, but by God’s grace he filled us with a flame and the victory came.”[xvii]

In the closing of her lecture Mrs. Prophet exhorted her audience to pursue the higher path of service as apostles. I will end this article with an inspirational quote from the end of her presentation that captures the essence of our goal:

“I bid you, the, concern yourself with apostleship. Concern yourself with being worthy to be apostles for Christ. Accelerate your path of initiation. Get God where you are and throw out everything that impedes your getting of God.  Accelerate going into the fiery core of your own Christ consciousness. Put your house in order.  Bring yourself into alignment with the sacred Word.  Be God where you are. Speak with authority as Jesus did and not as the scribes.

We don’t want to be scribes and Pharisees.  We want to be apostles for Christ.  We, each one, are called to this mission.”[xviii]

Book recommendations:

  • The Science of the Spoken Word by Mark L. & Elizabeth C. Prophet
  • The Path to Attainment (Climb the Highest Mountain Series) by Mark L. & Elizabeth C. Prophet

[i] Dharma is the holy duty of every individual. This Sanskrit word means “holding” and it is explained in Indian religions as the eternal and inherent nature of reality, regarded in Hinduism as a cosmic law underlying right behavior and social order.

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[viii] Karma is energy.  It is God’s energy in action supplied perennially through life. This live-giving energy is qualified daily by us through actions, thoughts, decisions, and interactions.  In the original cosmic plan man was charged to take dominion of the earth, perfect the soul by living a moral life and return to the Father.  However, man was also given free will and with that all kind of options for which the choices have not always being optimal. It is through this process of choosing, acting, thinking, loving, hating that we use the karmic energy and qualify it either positively or negatively.  The ongoing challenge is that any negative karma created needs to be transformed back to positive; again, by correcting actions, thoughts, feelings, etc.

[ix] The systematic use of precise techniques of spoken prayer, formulas of the Word, to access the full spectrum of spiritual light for personal and world transformation.  The Science of the Spoken Word as taught by the ascended masters is a method of accessing the power of God that combines prayers, mantras, affirmations, meditations and visualizations with what are called “dynamic decrees.”

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    Dear Heidi,
    Thank you for the reminder of how important service is in our life. I also see service as making that telephone call saying “Just checking in to say hi and how are you travelling?” Picking up rubbish along the wayside, giving the check-out person a friendly greeting and smile. So m any ways we can service our fellow man. May God bless you and your loved one, Anne.


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