The Privilege of Audience

Jan 17, 2022 | Inspiration, Story, Tips & Techniques Emails

Have you ever mused on the great privilege it is to have someone, anyone, read what you write?

Let’s harken back a bygone age. We’ll call it “B.E.”—for “before email.”

Before email became our primary means of written communication, how did we touch the hearts of those we loved? Well, we wrote letters. We mailed them. We slipped them into school lockers of sweethearts. Our hearts soared when we received them.

Yes, we also sent birthday cards, and still do. And Christmas cards, too, though even that tradition is fading.

But we poured our souls’ longings into our letters.

A letter sent by a son in uniform stationed on some far distant shore. A letter received by that same young soldier at mail call. A handwritten missive from a newlywed daughter far from home.

Love letters. Remember those?

A letter from a dear friend, or perhaps from a taciturn father who poured the love he rarely spoke of into a somewhat clumsy but heartfelt letter.

Such letters were precious. As we posted them, did we pause for a moment, stirred that our words would be read by someone we held dear? Whether you ever had such an experience or not, you certainly can imagine it, can’t you?

Try remembering that precious feeling when you write, for that someone is today still waiting for your letters. That someone is your audience, whether it is an audience of one or of thousands.

Envision who you are writing to. Never forget what a beautiful soul she is, what a fine child of God he is. And touch that heart, that audience, with your letter of light.

Every time.

What does an archangel say about the written word?

Archangel Gabriel says that to spread the teaching we must become it. We cannot just tell of the teaching. We must show it, demonstrate it with heart. Then also with heart we can write of the teaching.

“But for those who need both the example and the written and spoken Word,” Gabriel says, “this is the hour when massive publications must go forth for the rescue of lightbearers.”*

So let’s be the teaching. Then let’s write about the teaching—and touch that special heart that is waiting for our words!

(*Archangel Gabriel, July 7, 1987, unpublished)

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  1. Thank you Patrick!

    Good reminder of why we should keep sharing the news of these precious teachings. They should not be secret for the few but an opportunity to all!


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