The Second Coming of Christ: Stage One

Jan 16, 2022 | Inspiration, Story

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Joseph is a student of the teachings of the ascended masters as delivered through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet during their 40-year ministry in the late 20th century. His opinions and conclusions drawn from his research are his own.

Christians all over the world have awaited and are awaiting the Second Coming of Christ. In these troubled times many are asking, “when is Jesus coming in his Second Advent?” Many believe that this advent will be a physical, historical happening, seen by all mankind.

We recall that Jesus after his resurrection assembled his close disciples and many others on the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem. He promised that they would receive the Holy Spirit.

“As he said this he was lifted up while they looked on, and a cloud took him from their sight,” Acts 1:9-11 records. “They were still staring into the sky when suddenly two men in white were standing near them and they said, ‘Why are you men from Galilee standing here looking into the sky? Jesus who has been taken up from you into heaven, this same Jesus, will so come in like manner as you have seen him go.”

Christians, familiar with this passage have been asking for two thousand years when Jesus will “come back in the same way,” believing they will see Jesus descend out of heaven to Earth “in like manner” as the apostles saw him ascend.

On May 8, 1983, I had the privilege, along with many others, to witness this anticipated event. The scene was “Ascension Hill,” a location not far from Malibu, California, on a property once known as “Camelot,” the headquarters at that time of the Summit Lighthouse, an outer arm of the vast panoply of saints of East and West known as the Great White Brotherhood because of the white radiance surrounding these holy ones. Hundreds assembled on this mount to hear the dictation of Jesus through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It was a sunny, clear and breezy day. I was sitting on a blanket on the ground a few feet from the messenger, as were others.

Jesus began to speak: “I AM Jesus the beloved, and I have descended to you in my ascended-master light body in the same manner as I have ascended into heaven. And I have shown the messenger my descent out of this heaven in this hour, descending into your midst that you might know that the prophecy of the two men in white unto those who gathered in the hour of my ascension is fulfilled this day, May 8, 1983––that you might know that this same Jesus which is taken up from you shall so come in like manner as you have seen him go.”

With these words, we realized the full import of what was happening–––we were actually witnessing the Second Coming of Jesus! Were we also there, we wondered, two thousand years ago, when Jesus disappeared from the Mount of Olives? Was history repeating itself?

“Thus I come in the Second Advent with clouds of glory, with hosts of the LORD, and with light,” the Master continued.

I recalled a passage from the Gospel of Mark: “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.”

“Therefore, this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ear! And I have called [the messenger] to witness unto this scripture on this holy hill that is consecrated to my ascension, that I also might descend here as I ascended from Bethany’s Hill,” Jesus continued. “For I AM here in the Second Advent. Truly I, Jesus, stand in your midst and I also touch with you now that Christ Self…  For truly, beloved hearts, the world of Christendom has desired to know the day and the hour of the coming of myself.

“I have ever been with my own. But there is a moment in the turning of cycles of that Advent, and this hour is the hour when I have descended precisely in like manner as I ascended.”

                                        The Second Advent Initiates the Spiral of the Golden Age

As Jesus’ message continued, we realized that the Second Advent was the beginning of a cycle that would take decades or centuries to unfold fully in the consciousness of mankind.

Jesus explained: “All may understand that progressively each one shall receive the revelation of the Second Advent until they shall actually see in the golden age the ascended masters walking and talking with the saints of God on earth.”

Although a limited number of people were gathered to witness Jesus’ descent on this spring day in 1983, this Second Advent will eventually be revealed to many across the earth. “And therefore understand that there comes into the vision of each and every person the coming of Messiah,” Jesus explained. “It is something that the heart knows. And groups of people who evolve together may acclaim that [second] coming decades or centuries hence, or on the morrow or the next year.”

The effects and repercussions of this Second Advent have been experienced by millions since this date––in fact the effects of the Second Coming continue to be felt in the Aquarian Age which formally began in the year 2001, although the Aquarian Age and its vibration had been building for decades.

In the 1980s, 1990s and beyond, spirituality became popular. Angels became popular. The Gnostic Bible and other gnostic books were now to be found in bookstores. Self-help books became all the rage and many people attempted to return to a simpler life. Buddhism became more popular than ever before.

Many lightbearers among mankind realized at the soul level, if not in their outer awareness, that Jesus had descended in the Second Advent.

Jesus continued: “But, beloved ones, I desire to have recorded in these very hills of the Motherland that my descent is in the West, of this day and date… for I come to the Jews as Messiah, I come as the Second Advent to Christians, and I come also in the spirit of Maitreya, as he is One and I AM One, to deliver not only the mandates of the judgment but the full teaching unto the ascension in this age.”

However, with the Second Advent came the opposition to that advent in the form of planetary karma––the dregs of the karma of the Piscean Age.

                                        The Day of Vengeance of Our God and the Book of Enoch

Jesus proclaimed the day of his Second Advent as “The Day of Vengeance of Our God,” quoting Isaiah 61:2: “Therefore, this is the hour and the Day of the LORD’S Vengeance. It is the very point of the designation of the mantle and the authority of the mantle of the judgment itself, in the earth as in the heaven, upon the messenger…

“The Day of the LORD’S Vengeance has turned the cycles of planetary karma at the point of the Piscean dispensation. Understand that the coming, the mighty descent of my Presence here, is for the action of the sacred fire to consume this very world karma! And I tell you, without my pressing in into the very flesh and blood of the messenger, into your very hearts, which are come sacred by your Christ Self, there would not be the meeting of the planetary momentum of death.”

Jesus then explained that the focus of the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance was the publication of the book Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch (re-published as Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil), containing the lost and suppressed Book of Enoch that tells the story of the Watchers. These were beings who came to earth of their own accord to mate with the “daughters of men” and were judged by the “Lord of Spirits” through the Patriarch Enoch. The prophecy of Enoch is the prophecy of the final judgment of the Watchers.

The publishing of this book, Jesus said, “is timed precisely with my descent, the descent of that ascension fire into earth as in no other occasion. For it is the ascension fire of the Son of God that does challenge the Watchers, the godless, and the fallen ones.  Therefore, I say cherish [this book]! For as the hands of the messenger are placed upon it in this hour––and on every copy, so is the blessing duplicated throughout all editions and reprintings. And you will recognize this to be the focus of the Day of the LORD’S Vengeance and the fulfillment of the prophecy of our Father Enoch in every way… The Day of the LORD’S Vengeance, then, has come! And you may understand your path as the path of the messenger.”

                                                      Opposition to the Second Advent

                                                           “In a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Jesus told us that the sign of his coming in the Second Advent has been marked by the sign of the coming of a comet.

Comet IRAS-Araki-Alcock passed within 3 million miles of earth during May 8-15 of that year, making it the second closest comet to enter this solar system in recorded history.

Jesus explained: “The origin of that comet is a distant galaxy, and out of that distant galaxy came the very Evil One who should be the tempter of [the messenger’s] soul. And the fallen ones of that galaxy and other galaxies, who have also sent the seed of Serpent to the earth to tempt all of the lightbearers, have arrayed themselves against the coming of the light in the messenger and in you all…

“And the sign of that comet is the sign of the opposition to that coming. For this comet has borne a great darkness of the fallen ones of that galaxy who have sought to send into the earth and transfer through it to the astral plane, to the individuals of darkness, a new impetus and a new momentum of the darkness of the Liar and his lie and the Murderer and the murderous intent… and this is why I have come. I have come because it is the hour of the Second Advent when all the world must rejoice that because I am descended, so the Second Advent is the coming of the LORD Our Righteousness [the Holy Christ Self] within you.”

                                                             Confirm the Second Advent in You

“May you recognize that the Day of the LORD’S Vengeance has not yet passed and that the judgment of the Watchers and the fallen ones is upon you. Therefore, study well the teaching of Enoch, give the Enoch Rosary, and realize that your calls will confirm the Second Advent in you one by one. And the more you embody your Christ Self, the more you will realize that every word of prophecy that is given is confirmed not only by God but by God in manifestation.”

                                                   Jesus’ Footprints on the Hillsides of the World

In the Chapel of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem stands the rock from which Jesus arose in his departure from the scene of his Palestinian mission. This slab of stone contains the right footprint of Jesus. Mark Prophet confirmed that this print is truly the footprint of Jesus. Mark once said he clearly felt a wave of electricity up his arm when he touched the footprint. When Jesus arose from Bethany’s Hill on the Mount of Olives he demonstrated the action of the ascension ritual for all to see. And he also left a focus of that ascension flame at that site. Jesus then continued his mission in other lands and climes.

This same action occurred during Jesus’ Second Advent on Ascension Hill in Camelot.

“Therefore, I say to you that I have planted my feet in this earth as the sign of the ascension flame,” he announced. “And on the hillsides of all the world I have also impressed my footprints as in the hour of my ascension, that the earth might be quickened with the Rose of Sharon [the focus of Jesus’ Presence and his Sacred Heart], that the earth might be renewed, that you might rejoice, and that you might keep the vigil…

“And the whole earth is bathed in my love and my heart and my wisdom. And the Holy Ghost will come.  And you shall survive. You shall see the New Day!…

“You shall have your individual victory…

“Watch and pray, for it is a new order and a new day. And as you walk down the mountain, I walk with you as I walked with my disciples and the other seventy and the multitudes. For I walk down the mountain in the presence of my own–––and we are one. And the Father and the Son have come to you, dear heart, to take up their abode in your temple.”

After this astonishing dictation, we received communion from Jesus and, following the messenger, we all walked down Ascension Hill, knowing that Jesus was walking with us. It was an unforgettable experience which I, and many others, treasure to this day.

Joseph Macchio


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    Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for sharing this profound experience – I actually could feel myself walking down the hill with you – so thank you so much for putting it into words.


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