Don’t Give in to Fear – Listen to Your Heart!

Nov 10, 2023 | Announcements, Article, Inspiration

I was recently asked by a friend whether I didn’t also want to do videos on other topics.

For those of you who don’t know: I have a YouTube channel called “Simone’s Violet Flame Videos” and I publish videos about the violet flame, a spiritual energy that transmutes karma and helps you create the life you really want.

I told my friend that I indeed have already created videos about other topics, but topics that are connected to the violet flame. For example: “Why you need protection when using the violet flame”, “Lose Weight With The Violet Flame”, or a three-part video series about relationships and the violet flame.

I explained to him:

You know, when I decided to dedicate my channel to the violet flame, my biggest fear was to run out of video ideas. What would I do if one day I would wake up and simply had no new video ideas anymore? What if I covered all violet flame video topics in two years and then had to close down my channel because no new creative juices were flowing?

Creating videos about other spiritual topics seemed to be an interesting hobby, but I didn’t feel my heart rejoice as much as it did when thinking about having a violet flame channel!

I love the violet flame. It has changed my life and helps me cope with my daily karma. It makes me feel fantastic. Optimistic. Wonderful! The violet flame is my life. I even named my first daughter Violeta (which is “Violet” in English)! So, there is something that connects me to the violet flame that I don’t quite understand but it’s undeniably there.

I thought about this intensely. I noticed the uncomfortable feeling of fear and anxiousness in my stomach. This was unknown land. Nobody ever had done this before. What if I failed?

Eventually, I decided to listen to my heart. Wasn’t it because of the ascended master Saint Germain that I started my YouTube channel in the first place? He surely would help me! I decided to focus my channel on the violet flame and trust God that this was part of my Divine plan.

I am three and a half years in, have over 8,000 subscribers and you know what happened? The complete opposite! Since launching my channel in May 2020, I have uploaded over 50 videos, and I have a whole video topic list of more than 40 violet flame related topics I could create new videos about. Every now and then my YouTube subscribers have video suggestions, someone mentions something about the violet flame that I feel like needs to be addressed, or I have an idea while invoking the violet flame and voilà – I add another video topic to my list. 🙂

It’s very easy to give in to fear and most people I know do exactly that rather than taking a risk and listen to their heart. But you know what? Isn’t life too short to create a life based on fear? In my opinion, it is!

If you need help listening to your heart, invoke the violet flame. It is a spiritual superweapon and can help you with anything.

By Simone Guridi

Creator of

Simone is a YouTuber & video producer, content creator and a huge fan of the violet flame! When she isn’t writing or making videos, she enjoys spending time with her family and tries to come up with new ideas to spread the word of the violet flame around the world.

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