Dear God, I Have Something to Ask

Apr 22, 2022 | Inspiration

By Heidi Fuentes

God permeates us with His Light all the time, 24/7, perennially since the beginning of our existence in the matter universe.  We have used this Light for the good, but also for the bad; hence here we are still experiencing life’s continuum.[1] In our path of initiation we must also reach out to God through our Higher Self and ask for His[2] guidance. This I Am That I Am Presence[3] is the highest conception of the Creator that we have.  It is the individualized Presence of God focused for each individual soul.[4]  Therefore as we make our petitions our goal is to ensure that we use the Light He gives us for our spiritual growth, the betterment of our surroundings and the enlightenment of all mankind.

In the book Climb the Highest Mountain: The Path of the Highest Self, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet discussed how the call compels the answer[5]:

“Truly the call compels the answer to every man’s need.  Truly the call is the potential realization of the Holy Spirit in man.[6]  Truly the call is the salvation of the soul – the call that is heard even before we pray…”[7]

“Man need not speculate as to whether God exists: he need only invoke from the Godhead the proof that the Lord has challenged him to invoke, the proof of His very existence…”[8]

“Man can invoke his ‘house’ of light and enter into his ‘closet’ to pray[9] – into the laboratory of his own consciousness where he can test the Law as well as his own personal theories about Life, free from the impinging minds and motives of others.”[10]  

Why do we make the call?

We make the call because the Mighty I Am Presence is the way to our victory.  The masters teach that the only true comfort there can exist must be laid upon the foundation of our God Presence.  That the knowledge of its supreme power in our lives must be unwavering to be able to one day receive the gift of our soul liberation.[11]

When asking God our first choices may be prayer or meditation but writing a letter to our I Am Presence is another option.  The process of writing to God compels us to think a little bit more, makes us to be more precise and helps us to connect our mind to our heart.  We may experience that our heart “feels” softer, that our mind is “one-pointed”, that the outside world blurs and moves out of our awareness and you feel love permeating your being.  Deep inside we know our Higher Self gets ever so closely to ensure the connection to our I Am That I AM is there.  … And we then begin writing.

September 2021

Beloved I Am Presence,

I write this letter today to recognize your presence within me, to let you know that you are my eternal companion and that I rely on you for my life and my progress.

Beloved I Am Presence I ask for your inspiration and guidance, to help me connect with my Higher Self, my divine Mediator that keeps pulling me up and that I have resisted through my many lives.  I declare to you that I DO want to make contact, I DO want to make progress – regardless of what my not-self makes me think.

I am not my carnal mind, and even though I may think that is all I know, I must shatter that perception and walk through the narrow path that will lead me to my ascension.  Send me my Guru.  Send me the guidance to overcome my fears and my psychology.  Fill me with your Light and your strength.

Guide my steps, fill my soul.  Show me the goal posts, that I may see your presence and my progress.  Do not give up on me.  Send me my paraclete.  Show me what I need to do and where I need to go to maximize my progress in the path, to become an acceptable chela of the will of God.

Infuse my soul with thy Love dear Father, that as I walk my path in company of the masters, I may be victorious in my personal Armageddon.

I love you.  My physical heart may not be aware of it, but it is true.

                                                                                   In humility I ask,

                                                                                   Your servant













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