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Sep 24, 2021 | Announcements, Tips & Techniques Emails

Learn How in SU’s New Writing for Social Media Course
Summit University is excited to announce a groundbreaking new course designed to give you the skills to put your stamp of light on popular social media platforms.

This is a special course you won’t want to miss. ENGL 1275 Writing for Social Media is a “do it” course that will provide you with powerful hands-on experience in working with social media platforms.

Course exercises and assignments will focus on writing for social media platforms. The course is specifically designed to give you both the vision and the tools needed to engage effectively with ascended master concepts on social media.

Two specific platforms will be used as learning platforms: Medium, which is an online blogging platform, and Instagram, a sharing platform that works mostly with images and short text. Both are excellent places to master social media writing skills that you can put to use on a range of social media platforms.

Course Description:
ENGL 1275 trains students in social media navigation and the creation of quality platform-specific content that invites readers to engage with the teachings of the ascended masters on social media. Students will learn and extensively practice a set of writing-related skills that will empower them to create authentic content for social media, ranging from global sites such as Medium and Instagram to local social media platforms such as teaching center and study group websites, where their new social media skills will help them effectively present information and engage visitors in interactions with the group. The course includes detailed exercises to help students get comfortable with writing for the web.

Learn more about ENGL 1275 here!


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